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There are many things to consider when doing a home renovation, from choosing which contractor to hire to selecting materials and furniture. It can seem challenging and overwhelming before starting the whole process, but once you’re set on the budget and have a plan, you will feel much more at ease. Check out the following most common home renovation mistakes to avoid and ensure your project goes smoothly.

Not getting permits for your home renovation

Always remember to check if you need a permit for whichever type of remodeling you do. You don’t want to risk paying fines or tearing your renovations down. Especially if you are removing or adding walls, changing plumbing or electricity, etc. Some places require permits for different types of renovations. Check to see if the permit you got is the right one.

Making incorrect measurements

The best thing you can do at the beginning is to measure everything twice to avoid incorrect measurements. If you make this mistake and start renovating, it will be expensive to fix. This is especially true for kitchen cabinets or built-in furniture. If you aren’t sure you can measure them correctly, consider hiring a professional to assist you. And one of the often overlooked things – when measuring flooring, double-check every measurement. By doing so, you will limit the potential setbacks.

Not having a home renovation plan

It would be best if you had a plan of when you will begin renovating, which rooms you will tackle first, how much time and money it will take, and so on. It makes the procedure so much easier. If you are unsure about your home renovation ideas, take some time to think about them before you start the home renovation process. You don’t want to change your mind midway and spend money undoing the work. On that note, you also need to think about storing your items and where you’ll be staying while renovating your home. Before jumping into remodeling, you should first clear out the way by packing your items for storage. You want your items to be safe while focusing on the renovation of your home, as they can get easily damaged if not removed from the remodeling space.

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Hiring a cheap contractor

You shouldn’t save money on a few things when renovating your home, and hiring a cheap contractor is at the top of the list. Choosing a professional contractor is essential for renovating. This is crucial to making your dream home a reality. Try to find someone who shares your vision, understands your wishes, and is realistic about the outcome. Take as much time as you need before deciding you are comfortable with it.

Going with temporary trends

Don’t blindly follow trends that will go out of style quickly. Design your home to fit you and your family, not temporary trends. When following trends, add something of your own to it and incorporate it smoothly with the desired style of your home. Think of specific trends you wish to follow and how they will age and fit into your home in a couple of years. Temporary trends that pass will also negatively affect the resale value of your home. Try to avoid impulse shopping as much as possible to prevent buying items that don’t fit your home. 

Not making practical renovation choices

Always think about the practicality of your designs or ideas before committing to them. Appearance is not the most crucial factor in home renovation. Think about your everyday life in the renovated space and whether it will be practical. Consider natural light in your home when remodelling, as you can use it to your advantage significantly. In fact, one of the most common home renovation mistakes is not having enough natural light in the room. So before you start remodelling, check if the new project will limit the natural light in the room.

Leaving no room for storage in your home

Practicality includes having as much storage room as possible for your things. Of course, it doesn’t mean you should turn every home area into storage. However, having too much empty space and corners might not seem practical in the long run. Renovating your home is an excellent opportunity to add storage to it. Maximize it as much as possible when renovating to have a highly functional home and add value to it.

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Using cheap materials for home renovation

Another thing not to go cheap on is the materials. You want them to be durable and to last a long time, which saves you money in the long run as you won’t have to redo the same thing once it breaks down after renovating. If you have to save money, it’s better to leave out some things that aren’t necessary right now, add them later, like certain decor items, and just focus on the most important aspects.

Not having a home renovation budget

Determine your budget for upcoming renovations is the first step. You can’t start planning without knowing how much you can spend on materials, hiring a contractor, furniture, decor, etc. If you are renovating your entire home, put into the budget the amount you’ll need to spend on temporary housing. Make sure your budget is realistic and leave some money aside for unexpected costs.

Not buying furniture and appliances at the right time

After finishing the main renovations (like flooring and repainting the walls), it’s time to buy furniture and appliances. The most practical reason for doing this last is not to clutter the renovation space or damage your new belongings. Furthermore, you might change your mind about the type of furniture you want to buy once you see these things finished. Some things might not work out as you’ve planned, and you won’t have the space for your desired furniture. As for the appliances themselves, always consider them when planning a home renovation. Think about where you will place them, how many outlets you will need for them, how much space they’ll take up, and so on. Once you’ve prepared the space for them, go ahead and buy and install them.

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To sum up

People make many different common and not-so-common mistakes when doing a home renovation, but the more experience you have, the less likely you will make them. To avoid them, you just have to think about the functionality of your ideas and plan your process well. By doing that and keeping the mistakes mentioned above in mind, you are minimizing the risk of making home renovation mistakes.

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