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How do you improve your home décor if you’re still paying off the wedding?

A wedding is an expensive business but your first home together is also important. If you’ve spent a lot on your nuptials then you probably have lots of wonderful memories but not much spare change when it comes to your home interiors. Luckily, setting up your dream home together doesn’t have to cost a fortune, as there is plenty that you can do with a limited budget.

You won’t need to borrow money for these simple tips but if you can borrow (or want to) – or better still have parents who’ll help out  then think about investing in a single, statement piece for your home. One or two statement pieces that will inject new energy into your interiors and you can turn your attention to the rest of the space when you have more cash. A designer light fighting could change the feel of a room, for example, or a new headboard could give your sleeping space a freshly luxurious feel.

But back to the cheap, quick tips…

Painting is cheap and cheerful

If you don’t have a lot of spare cash for home décor then painting is a wise spend. A new coat of paint will instantly cheer up tired old walls and can also be used to make a design statement. Try a statement wall in an intense shade or give your whole home a minimal feel with bright white in every room.

Rethink your lighting

If you’re not happy with your current rooms then reevaluating the lighting that you currently have can be a great way to make cheap changes. Lighting makes all the difference to a room – replace harsh overhead lights with standing lamps, spotlights or table lamps and the space will feel totally different.

Don’t underestimate the impact of soft furnishings

Big purchases like a new sofa or a bed can destroy a newlywed’s home décor budget but you don’t have to buy big and brand new to make changes. For example, instead of buying a new bed, try covering your existing bed in colourful, luxurious scatter cushions or add bright pillows to an older sofa to give it a lift. Curtains and blinds can also really make a difference to the feel of a space. If you have dark curtains that are gathering dust then replace these with lighter colours in lightweight fabrics and the room will feel like new.

Get a rug or two

Flooring can be one of the most expensive things to replace in a property, whether you’re treating floorboards or putting down new carpets. For now, until your budget has recovered from the wedding, investing in a rug can be just as effective at giving the room a lift without going to the trouble and expense of a new carpet or a specialist floorboard treatment. Plus, if you get bored of the rug next year then just switch it out for something new.

Buy a mirror

Especially for smaller rooms, one of the best interiors tricks is to add a mirror to one wall to make it feel more spacious. Ideally, place the mirror opposite a light source so that the light bounces off the glass to open the room up.

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