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If you go to work without working out you will be fine, but it would improve your day and frame of mind if you had worked out beforehand, here’s why:

Work Can Be Unfruitful – Give Yourself The Fruit Before Work

You may have a really satisfying job, but there will always be days when you simply seem to have achieved nothing. Those are bad days. But what if you had already achieved something by the time you got to work? What if no matter how dismal the day was, you would already know in your heart at the very least you achieved something before you even slipped into your suit? Well now you can – get up early and do a workout – at the very least you have stretched your muscles and raised your heart rate – you have at the very least, done something amazing for your body.

It Sets You Up On A Healthy Path For The Day

When you work out after work (if you make it to the gym) during the day it is easy to eat rubbish and think ‘it’s OK, I will work it off later’. When you work out before work you will not want to ruin your hard work and you will be more likely to skip the croissant and caramel latte in favour of a green tea and fruit salad. Plus, even if you do end up having a high calorie breakfast, your body is in optimum fat burning mode straight after a workout so, you can feel a little bit less guilty about your high fat options.

You Will Already Be Less Stressed

Before work it is easy to get wound up, even if it’s just because your toast is burnt and you can’t seem to find a matching sock – anywhere. Working out before work will automatically lower your stress levels (the chemicals in your body do it for you!) and you will be more likely to feel OK about staying a bit later, because you will know you started your day earlier and already got something done.

You Will Look Better

Your face will glow, not just from the sweat (which hopefully you have showered off!) but because you will have increased the blood flow to your whole body, making your skin glow with health. Depending on the exercise you have been doing you could also be standing taller and have more toned and bigger looking muscles because of ‘the pump’ that remains for a few hours after a workout.

You Will Be More Rested

If you finish work late and exercise too close to when you sleep it can actually disturb your sleep pattern making you feel rubbish the next day. If you workout in the morning it will help contribute to a better night’s sleep, leaving you well rested for your full day ahead.

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