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All home owners in the UK felt the effects of the recession with the result that many of us are choosing to improve our existing properties rather than go through the expense of moving home. So if you feel it’s time to update your bathroom but have a limited budget, then here are some excellent tips for creating a new design without breaking the bank.


We’re all feeling the pinch these days, and with a relatively volatile housing market in the UK, many homeowners are choosing to improve their existing properties rather than go through the hassle of selling their current home and the expense of buying a new home. Updating a bathroom when you’re short on cash can be done – just follow these excellent tips for getting that fresh look and feel without breaking the bank.

Updating a bathroom at minimal cost:

  • Refresh before you invest – Sometimes your bathroom just looks dull and grimy because, well actually, it is simply dirty. Get your rubber gloves and strong cleaning fluids out and give the place a really thorough scrub down, concentrating particularly on the grout between your porcelain tiles and the areas around your sink and bath. Thick bleach can work wonders on discoloured grout, but caulk and grout are very inexpensive to buy, so consider re-grouting your wall and floor tiles if they cannot be cleaned to rid your room of those unsightly black lines and you might just be surprised by how fresh and new the place can look without the expense of replacing the ceramic tiles.
  • Paint it fresh – Adding a lick of paint to a tired, grubby bathroom that has seen better days can work wonders for the atmosphere and look. For a great contemporary look, choose a bright colour for a feature wall and buy new towels and accessories to match the bold colour, or go for a funky wall covering on one wall with a neutral paint colour in the rest of the space.
  • Accessorise to bring it alive – Investing in new accessories is one of the most cost effective of all ways to bring back to life an otherwise boring, dated bathroom. Going for bold colours for the towels, soap dish, mats and tumblers will add a splash of modern brilliance and make it feel like a brand new space. Try adding bright silk flowers to further enhance the look or a new blind if your budget will stretch that far.
  • See the light – Consider a new way of lighting your bathroom. If you currently have an outdated ceiling light, consider replacing this with a halogen spotlight bar for an instant, modern look. The brighter light will make the bathroom feel cleaner and is one of the best wasy of updating a bathroom, and if you angle the spots artistically you could use them to pick out particular features you are proud of, such as window decorations or pictures.
  • Go with what you have – If you are stuck with an outdated bathroom suite in a horrible shade of avocado or peach, then rather than fighting it, why not go with it? Coloured bathroom suites are right out of fashion at the moment, but if you work with the pallet you have when you are painting or papering the walls you could really bring it all together in a more modern way. Most bath panels can be customised with vinyl or acrylics, so consider making a feature of what you have to, perhaps not bring it bang up to date, but at least make it quirky on a budget.


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