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Small New Home

Storage solutions for combined families

When two families come together to live in one house, the logistics of moving house and the storage space needed can seem quite daunting. Two families, who have previously lived in two houses, need enough room to bring all their things together into one abode. This is not, of course, always practical and may sometimes mean having to rent cheap self storage space (perhaps just on a temporary basis) until enough storage can be built in the combined home. By carefully planning the storage solutions in each room, it is possible that no one will have to sacrifice items and give everyone the space they need to feel comfortable in this new setting.

new build home - plans

The Issue of Space in New Build Homes in the UK

New build homes have always had a certain appeal with their shiny new kitchens and bathrooms and free of someone else’s clutter but are they really as spacious as they seem or are show homes designed to give the illusion of space with neutral colour schemes and the use of undersized furniture? Research from the UK government’s national archives by CABE (Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment) has assessed whether there is actually sufficient space in new homes for the furniture that couples and families need for everyday living and for the storage of personal possessions. Is there genuinely enough room for residents to cook, eat, relax and socialise in new private sector homes?