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Living on a budget is a great challenge, but it is no excuse to neglect the look and design of your home – most of all, the living room. The living room is what we and visitors of our house would immediately see inside the home. It creates a first impression, and we all want to leave a good one, right?


Decorating your living room, even on a tight budget, is doable. Decorating does not necessarily mean buying new stuff to beautify your space with, a few arrangements and do-it-yourself (DIY) tricks would suffice! Just take a look at the following ideas below:

  1. DIY Wall Art

Geometric wall art and gallery gives off a cozy, artistic feel to any home. This is actually quite common in coffee shops and restaurants, but you can also create your very own at home too. What you need here are family photos, frames, block monogram letters or words, paintings and canvas that you can either create yourself (if you are an artist), or buy from the nearest thrift shop (yes, you don’t have to get them at a posh art exhibition).

To achieve a sophisticated, artsy wall art, you need to pick and stick to a certain color palette or theme, and use different frame sizes that will eventually balance and complement the overall look. You can take a look at the step-by-step process here.


  1. Wall Shelves

If you cannot afford to buy another bookshelf, or if your space is too small to add one, your answer to that is to install a wall shelf. Wall shelves can be designed your way – it can be shaped like a honeycomb, it could be ladder-like, or just in simple straight lines.

The good thing about wall shelves is you can further decorate it with your existing stuff such as books, lamps, figurines, small potted plants and the like.


  1. Use Monochromatic Color Schemes

Achieving a sophisticated, cozy look for your living room can be done by simply choosing the right color scheme. Warm, neutral and earthy tones are the usual choices if you are going for a nordic, minimalist effect for your living room. You can also choose perky, bright colors if you want to liven up a rather gloomy space. You can learn more about monochromatic themes here.


  1. Mason Jars, Rustic Cans and DIY Vases

If you have empty cans and bottles lying around, you can DIY them to add a rustic feel to your living room. These can be used as flower vases, pen holders (for cans) and just as general decorative stuff. You can pattern your DIY jars, cans and vases from Pinterest.


  1. Hanging Plants

Like wall shelves, hanging plants are great if your living room needs the extra space. It is also the perfect decorative solution if you want your ornamental plants to be out from the reach of children and pets.

You may however need extra rope tying skills to pull this off though, so you might need assistance and heaps of professional guide to ensure that the support system of your plants (and their pots or containers) are safely secured.

Each decor idea could go a long way depending on your resourcefulness and creativity. Moreover, you will find loads of inspiration from the Internet and with some DIY skills, you can probably afford to redecorate and liven up your living room with different colors and themes each year.


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