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Roller shutters are fast becoming essential security devices for house, garage and commercial premises because of the increasing rate of burglaries, vandalism and theft. You can install alarms and CCTV in your premises to get alert for these issues or to identify an intruder, but one of the first things that you need to do in addition to being alerted about an intruder is to protect your property from intrusion in the first place by installing a roller shutter on your doors and windows. This is particularly important if the property is a holiday home not in use all the time or a second home that is vacant for long periods. Security shutters are mainly designed in metals such as aluminum and stainless steel but can also be wood and polyvinyl. The most effective ones are made with aluminum because it is rust resistant and it can provide you with ultimate security and protection.

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5 Reasons to install roller shutters:

Aluminum roller shutters are very cost effective and they can even protect your property from adverse climate effects – again useful for a holiday home. Apart from that, you can also customise them to perfectly fit your door sizes so they are unobtrusive when open. You can also choose heavy duty aluminum metal for business premises. Also there are window roller shutters, and it is very important to protect all the entry points from intruders.


  1. Roller shutters are basically installed in window and door areas, and it is very hard to break these metal roller shutters. Along with that, when you install them intruders and burglars will not try to get into your premises because of the psychological barrier. They know the strength of these roller shutters, and they cannot imagine breaking them.
  2. If you live in a region with harsh weather conditions shutters also protect windows and doors from damage. An investment in roller shutters will help avoid the costs of repairing or replacing damaged windows and doors. Installing shutters can also help keep your rooms cool during summer and warm during winter. They keep out cold air during winter, and keep your rooms warm. Similarly, they block the sunlight during summer keeping the internal temperature cool.
  3. Shutters can save on power consumption levels as well. During summer, you may need to switch on your air conditioner in order to get cool temperature. Rooms can become very hot because of large expanses of glass in windows. They can reduce your electricity consumption bill, and you will not need to switch on air conditioning as much. Similarly, during winter, it can reduce the heating consumption level by reducing heat loss through windows.
  4. Privacy levels are increased when you install shutters in your home, no one can see into your rooms from outside. You can also keep your windows and doors open for some fresh air and close the roller shutters.
  5. Roller shutters are very easy to operate because they can be operated manually or with a remote control. You can adjust the shutters from anywhere in your property with a remote control system. Apart from that, they require minimal maintenance so installing roller shutters can secure your home


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