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I thought it was about time I treated you all to a new and super easy DIY, and today’s project is one I made for our conservatory. We’ve done lots of work in this room over the years, but typically, it’s still unfinished. I wanted to create a little space specifically for growing some herbs and Grant came up with this super simple idea for an easy DIY Triangle Shelf, which I loved!

It’s something a bit different to your regular rectangular-type shelves and it’s also space-saving as a triangle shape doesn’t take up quite as much room as a square. It’s also perfect for sitting smaller single items on, such as a plant pot. Anyway, I’m chuffed to bits with this little DIY and I think it’s ‘spiced’ up this corner of the room nicely. If you want to learn how to make these triangle shelves (it’s dead easy!), then keep reading as I’ll be sharing the full DIY as well as an exciting new launch, which I used to power this DIY project!


This project has been supported by Bosch Home and Garden UK, who you’ll know I’ve worked with previously showcasing their “one battery fits all” cordless tool range. Essentially, one battery which fits any of their 40+ DIY and household tools.

Well, now they’ve gone a step further and today I can announce that they’ve partnered up with several brands to form an alliance so that the same battery is now compatible across multiple brands!

This includes Bosch Home and Garden, GARDENA, Bosch Home, GLORIA, Emmaljunga e-powered by Bosch, Wagner and Rapid. The POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE is a really exciting concept and means just one battery can be used across all these brand with their 18V tools, whether it’s DIY tools, gardening tools, household tools, cleaning tools, surface coating tools, decorating tools, crafting tools and more.

Bosch Power For All Alliance Battery

The full range will include around 70 products by 2021 – simply switch the POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE battery across any of these tools and away you go. No need for multiple batteries or chargers from each brand, saving you money, time spent charging several batteries, and it’s even space-saving with fewer chargers to store. This would be a huge benefit for us, as I can definitely tell you we have A LOT of different batteries and chargers cluttering up our DIY space.

I think it’s a really exciting launch and as part of this DIY project, I’ve been sent some Bosch Home & Garden tools to use, as well as the GLORIA MultiJet 18V, all of which are, amongst others, part of the new POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE, powered by one single battery.

I wasn’t able to incorporate the GLORIA MultiJet 18V tool within my DIY project, but I did have a use for it before starting my project. A little job that’s been needed doing since, oh forever. The slightly unglamorous job of cleaning out the silver recycling bin.

As boring as this job is, the GLORIA MultiJet 18V tool is actually far more interesting than this job shows. It’s a cleaning tool that allows both gentle and more vigorous cleaning and can be used with various attachments turning it from a spray cleaner into a foam sprayer, or you can even use it to disperse plant protect agents onto your garden. What’s more, it doesn’t even need to be connected to a tap, as you can simply attach a water bottle!

It’s super portable, ideal for all kinds of cleaning from hosing down wellies after a day in the countryside to cleaning out a wheelie bin like I’m doing. All I added was a hose, the POWER FOR ALL battery (plus its protective water cover) and within about 5 minutes, I had a smelly-free bin at last! There were no cables to put away, just a quick disconnect of the battery and onto my DIY project of the day. So easy and so simple.

DIY Plant Pot Shelves

How to Make a DIY Triangle Shelf

For this DIY, I’ll be using the same POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE battery as above, but a different set of tools.

You Will Need:


MDF/Wood (I’ve used 12mm thick MDF and 18mm thick wood)
Stripwood (I’ve used 45mm x 15mm strip wood)
Wood Screws (I’ve used 35mm lengths)
Sandpaper (120 grit)
Wall Plugs and Screws 


Work Table
Tape Measure
Set Square
Bosch Home & Garden PST 18 LI Cordless Jigsaw
Bosch Home & Garden Uneo Maxx Cordless Rotary Hammer
Drill-bits (wood set and masonry set)

Safety Equipment:

Ear Defenders
Safety goggles
Dust Mask

Tools For Making DIY Triangle Shelves

Step 1 – Cut Triangle for the Shelf Top

First of all, you’ll need to decide how big you want your shelves to be. If you have a specific item in mind for your shelves, I recommend measuring this as a starting point for the size you’ll need.

My shelves are 17cm long, by 13.5cm wide, which worked perfectly with the scrap piece of MDF I’m using. I measured up 17cm and marked this onto the MDF and then found the centre point of that (13.5cm) and also marked this up. Using a set square I then drew a line straight from one side to the other along this centre point. The top of this line will become the tip for my triangle, which you can create by joining the tip to your 17cm mark and starting marker point.

I checked my plant pot would fit comfortably on the triangle I’d drawn and then cut it out using the Bosch Home & Garden PST 18 Li Cordless Jigsaw with the POWER FOR ALL battery. When using a jigsaw, always make sure your wood (or MDF in my case) is clamped onto a solid surface to reduce vibrations. The Bosch Home & Garden jigsaw I’m using has a handy guide on it to follow along your pencil line for an accurate cut.

Step 2 – Cut Wood for Shelf Bracket

Next, we’re going to need to make the bracket for the shelf top to sit upon. I’m using some strip wood for this and another off-cut of leftover timber. Cut your strip wood to 14cm lengths using a jigsaw again, then mark up 10cm x 10cm onto your other timber, drawing a line between the two to create a right-angled triangle. You can also cut this using the jigsaw and you should now have 3 individual pieces of timber.

Step 3 – Screw Together

Now you have all three pieces, we need to secure them together. Place the smaller triangle onto the strip wood to resemble a bracket, leaving a gap at the top equal to the depth of your shelf top. In my case, that’s 12mm. You can mark this with a line.

Mark up two crosses onto the back of your strip wood, around 4cm and 9cm down from the top. Using a drill, make a pilot hole through the wood before screwing it into the smaller triangle. When you do this, make sure your triangle is dead centre against the strip wood and you’ve aligned it against the line you drew for the gap at the top. I’ve used the Bosch Home & Garden Cordless Uneo Maxx Cordless Rotary Hammer for this step, simply switching the POWER FOR ALL battery from the jigsaw I used a moment ago.

Step 4 – Create a Notch In the Shelf Top

In order for your DIY triangle shelf to fit flush against the wall, you’ll want to notch out a rectangle on your shelf top, for your bracket to slot into. Using the centre point of your triangle, draw around the strip wood to leave its rectangular outline.

Drill a hole in the corner of this rectangle that’s large enough to slot the blade of your jigsaw into. You can then carefully cut this out. The notch should allow the top of your shelf to slot perfectly into your shelf bracket.

Step 5 – Sand and Paint

If you have any rough edges on your wood or MDF, it’s a good idea to give it a light sand with 120 grit sandpaper before painting. I’m using a primer on my wood first before going on with some leftover pink paint which matches the wall in our conservatory.

Step 6 – Attach and Enjoy!

Now you just need to attach your DIY triangle shelf to the wall. Drill out two holes on your shelf bracket, one at the top of the top and one at the bottom – these will be used for fixing the bracket to the wall.

Mark these holes up onto the wall (check it’s level with a spirit level!), and drill a hole deep enough for your wall plug. Once your bracket is attached to those with screws, add some more screws through the top of your shelf into the bracket to secure the top section in place. You can always paint over these screws to match your shelves so they’re bit more hidden!

Add a few plant pots to your shelves and voila – job done! I’m really happy with these, especially considering they each only took around 10-15minutes of my time. Not bad, huh? I’d like to add a few more of these shelves eventually, but I may need to grow a few more herbs first.

DIY Triangle Plant Pot Shelf
DIY Plant Pot Shelves Triangle Shaped
DIY Triangular Shelves with Brackets
DIY Triangle Plant Pot Shelves for Conservatory

I think this DIY shows how you only need a couple of simple tools and a few leftover materials to get creative with and create something quirky and individual to you.

The ease of switching one same battery between tools meant never having to wait for multiple batteries to charge and the ease of switching the battery barely even added to the time it took to create this DIY! I’ve even been able to go a step further and use the same battery to water my plants using collected rainwater!

Yes – you read that right! I wanted to give this little tool a mention because I thought it was super clever. This is the Bosch Home & Garden GardenPump 18 which you submerge underwater in a water butt (I’m currently using an outdoor sink), attach the POWER FOR ALL battery and you have rainwater flowing through a hose, just like it’s coming out of a tap.

I think this is SUCH a great tool and has pretty much sold me on the idea of having a rainwater butt – which I otherwise thought could only be used with watering cans. I love that there’s no electrical installation either – just a simple battery and the press of a switch – and I think this really shows how versatile the POWER FOR ALL battery can be!

I would love to know what you think to these shelves! Are you intrigued by the new POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE with its cross-brand capability? Let me know below, and if you do give this DIY a try, do share your creations with me over on Instagram – I love seeing all your projects!

*This DIY was in paid partnership with Bosch Home and Garden and contains some affiliate links. You can read my full disclosure on working with brands here. Thank you for supporting this blog!

DIY How toMake Fun Triangle Plant Pot Shelves

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