5 top tips for decluttering

Over time we all accumulate items and family treasures which, although we are sentimentally attached to them, do clutter our lives. In some cases these items find a place to be displayed in our homes, but in the majority of cases we end up with cupboards and attics stuffed to the brim with things we have no use for, although we cannot bear to throw them away. However, if we are honest our homes are often filled to the brim with things that do not warrant throwing away but do need to be cleared into storage. This guide of five easy steps will show you how to de-clutter your home quickly and efficiently causing minimum disruption in the process.

  • Be Ruthless – this is the hardest of things for us all to do. It is, however, the number one reason for our cluttered predicament. The issue we have is that we become attached at a sentimental level and it can sometimes cloud our judgement. We need to be brave and ruthless when we de-clutter; if you don’t use it, need it or love it, it goes.
  • Strong plastic containers are best – when de-cluttering the worst thing you can do is to have a collection of inferior boxes gathered from your local supermarket, using old boxes with half the side missing and tops ripped off will simply not do. At worst you need to pack away your de-cluttered items into proper packing boxes like removal companies use. The best thing to use, are custom designed plastic containers with lids that fit and clip on. These will keep your precious belongings safe while they are packed away and free from dust and dirt.
  • Create an inventory before you start packing everything away create an inventory. Get a pad and write a list as you pack things into the boxes. Closely linked to this tip is the next tip we have.
  • Label the boxes there is nothing worse than realising that you need to get something out of storage and you have no idea which box it is in. The solution? Label the boxes and linked to our previous tip put the number of the box onto your inventory list at the top of each page. So as you write your list put the box number at the top of the inventory page to create an accurate record that will make it easy to find particular items should they be needed. There are other ways of improving this process by packing things by room or in alphabetical order.
  • Self-Storage finally move your boxes to your chosen self- storage facility. There are several real advantages to using self- storage; if you do pack something away in your de-cluttering exercise that you later need, and you have created your inventory, it is very simple to retrieve your items. Most self-storage facilities have easy access, so retrieving your possessions is simple. Knowing that your favourite items are still accessible and can be retrieved at a moment’s notice makes the process of de-cluttering easier. Saying good-bye to your items is then much easier.


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