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Moving into a rented property can be daunting. We’ve got 8 top tips to help first time tenants to make things as easy as possible.

Moving is difficult for anybody but it can be especially scary when you’ve never moved into a rented property before.

To help you with this process we’ve got 8 top tips to help you help everything run as smoothly as possible during this time:

1.Think carefully about what you can afford

It is so important to make sure that you can not only afford the rent of a property, but you have to be sure you can also afford the bills and any extra costs on top. As a tenant you are bound by contract to pay the rent and if that is ever a problem with that, you may end up in hot water. You should budget carefully well in advance of looking for a property to rent.

2.Think very carefully about using private landlords

There are some great arrangements to be had with a private landlord. However, you may not be as protected as you would be with an agency and it is important to know your legal rights before you enter into a contract in any property with a private landlord.

3.Check all the legalities

Check all the paperwork and contracts that you get before signing anything when you apply to move into a rental. Even agencies make mistakes, and it pays to protect yourself when it comes to signing any legal documents.


There are special types of insurance that you can get to help protect yourself against any accidental damage that occurs to the property that you are renting. This can provide useful peace of mind in case you do damage a carpet, or cause any other damage.

5.Be scrupulous with the inventory

The inventory will be highly detailed when it comes from the landlord or agency. You owe it to yourselves as first time tenants to be just as scrupulous when checking it and to add any existing damage in both written and photographic form. This avoids any disputes in the future when you move out of the property, or when the property is being checked.

6. Consider a trial period

Before you get settled into a rental property, it might be worth keeping your items at your parents’ house, or in cheap self storage until you are sure you want to stay there. This helps you avoid the process of packing and moving repeatedly. This can be a really handy thing to do if you’re unsure on the area you’re moving to.

7. Always ask if you are unsure

When you move into a rental property you can of course take your own furniture from your self storage unit, or from your parents’ house. However, you can’t usually change things like the wall colours and other permanent features. If you are ever in doubt, check with the agency or the landlord to make sure that you aren’t breaching your contract.

8. Be careful in regards to pets

There will be clear indication as to whether or not you are allowed a pet at your new property. Usually it will say that you are allowed a pet but you have to state how many you have and the type. You may also have to pay extra pet protection with your deposit. You should enquire about this before moving into a property if you have a pet.

Moving into a rental property as first time tenants can be daunting. Usually the more informed you are and the more careful you are, the better.

Your landlord wants the property to stay in good shape, and you want somewhere nice to live. The number one rule is to always check if you’re sure.

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